Infrared Photography

Picnic in Strathcona Park

This was my first attempt at  infrared photography.  I used Kodak HIE film to produce this effect.  Apparently Kodak has discontinued it, which is too bad.  A lot of photographers are trying to mimic the same effect with their digital cameras and Photoshop, but I haven’t seen anything come close to the look and feel of the original Kodak HIE film.

I only shot a few rolls of the film because it was difficult to handle and somewhat unpredictable.  What I mean is, depending on the lighting conditions, it turned out really nice or bloody awful.  My personal best were shot under sunny skies using a red filter.  You had to load the film in total darkness which meant you had to carry a dark bag with you.  The results were worth the effort, though.

picnic in Strathcona Island Park picture


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